Founded by CJ Maupin in 1996 as an international communications, public affairs and event marketing practice, CJ Communicates has grown to incorporate the design of organizations, interfaces, technologies and products.
We are advisors and catalysts to leaders at startups and established enterprises facing complicated marketing and communications challenges.  We approach problems from a variety
of perspectives, bringing together domain expertise in corporate communications, consumer marketing, user experience, interactive technologies, product development, and conversation theory via
cybernetics.  We design products and experiences that transform through language
and process modeling, and we work always to lower the "bio-cost" that consumers expend
to achieve their goals.  We often tap into our extensive network to assemble a team with the requisite variety and depth to frame and solve a specific client problem. 


Make personal connections.
Leave indelible impressions.
Guide vital transformations.
Energize and engage people.
Set the stage for customer action.
Invigorate markets.
Have a lasting impact.
Create new value for our clients.


Adobe Systems
Du Pont
Dubberly Design
Eight Inc.

Gideon Gartner
Goldman Sachs
Hewlett Packard

Intellectual Ventures
Instituto Itaś Cultural
Lotus Development
Nokia UX London

Ogilvy Worldwide
Palm Computing
Pearson plc
PICNIC Amsterdam
Poetry Foundation

Stone Yamashita
Sun Microsystems
UK Admiralty
US Army
Vibrant Media
Vivo Mobile

CJ Maupin

Paul Pangaro

CJ Maupin is a communications strategist, marketing writer and event producer. Starting her career in politics and government, she migrated to the private sector to apply her community organizing, issue development and policy articulation skills to the communications challenges of new and long-standing companies.


CJ has broad marketing experience, having developed and directed worldwide programs in market development, co-marketing, events, corporate identity, public relations, employee and executive communications, and advertising.


Her sense of principle and positioning make her a valued communications counselor and writer for many leaders in business and government, and her cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural experience make her a sought-after director of integrated, international marcom programs. CJ has directed communications efforts for a wide variety of companies and individuals in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.


CJ is an incurable francophile and loves to swim.

Paul Pangaro is a technology executive, conversation theorist, entrepreneur, and performer. He combines technical depth, marketing and business acumen, and passion for designing products that serve the cognitive and social needs of human beings.


Paul has worked as CTO for startups such as Idealab's Snap.com, developed product roadmaps for consumer Internet companies, and managed developer outreach and web properties for Sun Microsystems.


From his background in the cybernetics of language, Paul has developed a methodology for modeling the necessary conversations for consumers to understand how products and services may be used to achieve their goals. He has collaborated closely with designers in creating high-traffic web sites and models of gnarly concepts such as innovation, play, and the creative process. From 2001 through 2007 he taught a class at Stanford University on the cybernetics of product design.


Paul is a professional dilettante and loves to sing.

CJ’s Resume [pdf]
Paul’s Resume [pdf] Paul’s Web Site

Lowering the bio-cost of everyday life.

(c) CJ Maupin & Paul Pangaro 2005-2011.

Images adapted from L'Ère Atomique, Cybernétique, Electronique, Automation, 1958. Éditions René Kister, Genève.